Our services to protect your organisation

Someone notices something, a complaint from a customer, a whistleblower report. Our core expertise is the preparation of factual reconstructions. Whatever question or problem arises, the facts are necessary to understand how to act. We aim to obtain accurate and comprehensive information that can be used to make informed decisions and solve problems. We are also available to advise on prevention and mitigating actions.

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Fraud & Integrity Investigations

Also in your business you will encounter fraudulent activity. How to deal with these kinds of incidents is our expertise.

We aim to:
- gather evidence
- identify the individuals involved
- facilitate appropriate legal or disciplinary action to prevent future fraud and recover any losses incurred.

Examples of fraudulent activities are embezzlement, financial statement fraud, invoice fraud, conflict of interest, bribery, corruption, and other types of white-collar crimes. Compliance breaches, and behaviour against the company’s rules of conduct, should be investigated as well.

Due Diligence & Asset Tracing

You need to know who you are dealing with. In our practice it is an integrity review of all relevant information about the other party. This to ensure that there are no hidden risks or liabilities that could negatively impact the transaction or your reputation.

Follow the money. Asset tracing is the process of identifying and tracing the movement of assets from one place to another. Our research involves gathering and analysing information such as transactions, ownership, control of assets and financial activities.

Advisory Services

External expertise when necessary. We advise clients on how to manage risks that come from financial crime and how to prepare for future incidents and developments. We propose workable solutions and/or connect you with the right partners to be able to deal with all your (financial crime) challenges ahead.


We believe it is important to share our expertise. In close cooperation with our clients, we create tailor-made training to ensure the most added value for your staff. You can expect practical guidance and a casus-driven approach that raises awareness and real understanding of issues our clients encounter.

We offer training on topics such as (but not limited to): fraud (prevention), whistleblowing reporting practices, and investigative techniques.

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